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Maria is coming!

2017-09-19 23:59:35 by PinkScissorsMedia

Wish me, and the rest of Puerto Rico, good luck!

I'm sad.

2017-09-18 09:53:34 by PinkScissorsMedia

What do you do when you feel the worst you've ever felt in your life? What do you use to cope? Have you ever thought about ending it all? What is your #1 life policy?

Fuck wit me, Jose.




Dubbing & ADR thing.

2017-05-25 00:37:13 by PinkScissorsMedia

I took the Greedo scene reenactment audio from a voice actor panel from Geek'd Con 2015 ( ) and I cleaned up the audio for clarity, synced it to Star Wars footage and recorded a few subtle sound effects for their movement towards the table and Han's gun cocking and gripping. I used a Game Cube controller for those sounds.



2017-05-01 21:15:30 by PinkScissorsMedia

Goddamn, I have 400 people recieving and, more often than not, missing notifications that I made a new instrumental, song, video, podcast, shitpost or whatever comes to mind at the time! 400 is kind of a BIG number to me. Thanks a ton to everyone on board with me on this crazy, fun, economically unsustainable journey! More content coming soon!

If you don't know about my channel, I don't blame you, but if you wanna check it out, click here!

Thanks for your time and I hope to see you on the next video!


2017-04-25 22:56:23 by PinkScissorsMedia

I'm so psyched about this! I got my associate's degree in sound engineering. I can say snarky things like "Well, in my professional opinion..." and that right is totally worth all the debt. Time to get to work, baby!

New party song!

2017-02-09 15:25:28 by PinkScissorsMedia

Available for download too!

i cant sleep

2017-01-29 05:36:53 by PinkScissorsMedia

pls help