2013-09-30 18:53:35 by PinkScissorsMedia

What's good, people?

I recently contributed a track to the creation of something utterly amazing. Check out Jealous Uh My Po'verty by D. Snuts feat. Dill Doe. Hope you enjoy the dungbombs out of it.

And while I'm here, I'd like to say that I'm gonna be releasing content less frequently now that I'm in college. I'll still be working hard on tracks, and there are a lot more collabs on the way too, so remember: Patience is a virtue. While I'm gone, you can listen to the fine people at Humble Drum Circle (HDC) and check out the rest of the works from the guys I worked with recently!

Thanks a bundle. I'll see you guys soon! (excuse the video game references you might notice littered around this news post.)


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2013-10-01 07:20:59

I thought I'd start visiting this place less often when I went to college. I thought wrong. :P

PinkScissorsMedia responds:

I wish I could say the same. :/