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Jaw dropping production value, crude humor, gratuitous violence and nudity, charming as fuck music and vocal performances, hilarious concept, this piece has it all. Absolutely amazing.

Your work is top notch. And now you have good sound design and voice casting as well. All the performances were great. We need more content of this caliber, porn or otherwise.

"Satan, that's too much soap."

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There is a glitch where a line will generate a pixel too close to the finish line and not register and it bamboozles you out of... "de wae. Fix this and this meme game is a solid time waster.

jeremy7986 responds:

THX! but it's not a glitch or a bug
I've already explained it on the "Tutorial" page. Plz try again! :D

This is so damn hilarious!!!!!! Also, the gameplay was quite fun too.

It's OK.

It's really an OK game. Not exactly masterful at the mechanics, but the story is enough to pull you in, IMO. Great! 4.00/5.00!

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I'd love to hear this live, but the drum mix sounds paper thin to me.

Your lyricism is still on point, and I think the "fuck you, I'm the shit" type of song really fits you when you use a more agressive cadence. Good track.

Teqneek responds:

Thank you my brother

In the context of this beat, I find a strange charm in the airy hard-cut reverb on the tail end of that snare. Good legacy beat, my boi.

LibbyShimmz responds:

Thanks Shak!

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Thanks for reminding me this show was a thing.

You should've called it "Pikachu Libre displays her filthy sweaty yellow sphincter like a homeless cunt" but other than that, fantastic work. Your subtle shading is phenomenal and I like the leather texture on the pants; it's all very well done.

Her left, robotic forearm has a decal design that disappears when she puts it down. Also, she has a bendy right forearm and it's freaking me out. Also isn't she in public? Why flop your tits around in public? Other than that, fairly detailed art here. The waterfall looks nice, and nice touch with the eye shine at the end.

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