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JESUS FUCKIN' CHRIST, ZACH!!! ... that was IMPRESSIVELY unnerving. Good job selling me on the image of you being an irredeemable, sad trash goblin who lives in a house of unknown horrors and is fascinated by the sight, perhaps even the smell, of dead rodents.

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It was alright. The animation was alright, the humor was alright, the premise is... well, alright. Nothing stands out, but nothing is terrible either. Very middle-of-the-road work in my opinion. Do continue to hone your craft and create something truly special in the future.

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What a story indeed. Nice and smooth wobbly animation.

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drainzerhg responds:


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There is a glitch where a line will generate a pixel too close to the finish line and not register and it bamboozles you out of... "de wae. Fix this and this meme game is a solid time waster.

jeremy7986 responds:

THX! but it's not a glitch or a bug
I've already explained it on the "Tutorial" page. Plz try again! :D

This is so damn hilarious!!!!!! Also, the gameplay was quite fun too.

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It's OK.

It's really an OK game. Not exactly masterful at the mechanics, but the story is enough to pull you in, IMO. Great! 4.00/5.00!

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I'd love to hear this live, but the drum mix sounds paper thin to me.

Your lyricism is still on point, and I think the "fuck you, I'm the shit" type of song really fits you when you use a more agressive cadence. Good track.

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Teqneek responds:

Thank you my brother

In the context of this beat, I find a strange charm in the airy hard-cut reverb on the tail end of that snare. Good legacy beat, my boi.

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LiberalShimmering responds:

Thanks Shak!

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Oh, you'll see, maokai09. You'll see.

I love the texture that charcoal brush shading has. Good sketch!

The contrast is incredible. You've come so far.

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